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Well I am back to work with Adobe Voice. The more I use it, the more I am enjoying the experience of working with the software. I was a little bummed to find that either you cannot add video (or it is not super clear how you go about adding video to the presentation). I’ve gotten past this, though, and am moving along with building my project for LIT 306. My new favorite feature of this app is that it nags you once your audio clip goes beyond 10 seconds. I have not seen if there is a limit that it will place on the length of a clip, but the reminder that it is better to keep things short and sweet and have plenty of cuts from one frame to another is a great thing (especially for me). I have a real love for going on and on and on when I get into a stride with something, but this app is helping me remain mindful of this and keep things short and sweet.



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