Digital Academics

Progress Report for TOC Response

Well I am going through the process of gathering material for my response to TOC this week. I didn’t have the greatest success using the databases provided by Marylhurst through the Shoen Library site, but I was able to find some good articles through Google Scholar. There were some materials that would have been useful through interlibrary loan through Marylhurst, but due to the length of this assignment, I didn’t have time to wait for these materials to arrive. I just figured out how to capture video from the screen of my wife’s iPad, so I am hoping that I will be able to put together something that is at least visually interesting for this project.

How are things going for everyone else? Are you all going to use Adobe Voice to put your project together? I have been talking to Timothy Merritt and looking at some of the things he has done for New Media classes at Marylhurst. He has been using iMovie. I keep thinking that I am going to stick with voice and see what I can make with that. I just wish that there was an Android version so I could be doing this on a more familiar Android interface.

I’m looking forward to seeing what all of you create for this assignment.