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Coming Up With Some Ideas

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Well I have been listening to some new podcasts today. One of them that stands out to me the most is The Candid Frame: A Photography Podcast. In the bit I have listened to, it seems that the show centers around the host interviewing artists that interest him and having them share a bit about themselves and the process that they use to make images. In a way, he is providing a how-to podcast and a good interview as well. I have a few more shows to listen to, but this one really has me thinking. I have an artist that I would love to interview about her growth from photography and into other mediums…maybe I can make an interesting show out of it.

How is everyone else coming along? Have you come up with any ideas based on what you have been listening to? Are you already under way recording your podcast?

In my TOC presentation, I ended up sounding like I was almost asleep while I spoke. I am wondering how I will go about making myself be a bit more lively while speaking in this project. Any suggestions?



One thought on “Coming Up With Some Ideas

  1. Mandy says:

    I was also going to do some mini interviews with my coworkers for mine. I think interviewing the artist you admire would be a great addition to your podcast. I always tell my employees to physically smile when they are speaking on the phone. Just changing the way your jaw and face muscles are held when you smile changes the tone of voice. Try it!

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