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Go Have a Labor Day Weekend Adventure


Sunset looking over Klamath Lake

Sunset looking over Klamath Lake

We are down in Klamath Falls for the weekend visiting family. While we are here there will be tons of playing at the park, spending quality time with loved ones, exploring some areas I haven’t seen since I was a kid, some places I have never seen before, and even trying to recreate some old historic images of landmarks in town. This photo is from today’s adventure. After driving down from Portland, I had just enough time to head back out and try and find a good vantage point to shoot some sunset photographs. I ended up on a small bluff on the Northeast side of the lake looking into a standard, beautiful sunset falling behind the mountains to the West. The midges (Klamath’s famous little green bugs) were out in swarms like I have never seen before. I’m hoping to get higher up on the ridgeline tomorrow when I have more time to drive up the narrow little hillside dirt road that leads to the top and then runs parallel to the lake.

Things are already off to a great start for us down in Klamath. I hope you all are having a similar good time.