Short Prose

Dialogues – Week 2

Do you remember that one time that I…No, but do you recall that thing that I…You don’t know what you’re talking about, it really happened like…I don’t know why I even try to…When was the last time you ever…I do all the time, it’s you that…fuck you…see?…You always make me…I don’t do…You know that I…Yeah, I do.


Hey, take Gramma outside. Get her out of here. Oh my god! Jason!
What’s going on?
She thinks I made ‘im do it.
What are you talking about Gramma?
Your brother. He did it ‘imself.
Wonder where those sirens are headed?
I did it, didn’t I?
What did you do Gramma?
I told ‘im he didn’t have the guts. Your Grampa said that to a guy in the Navy once.
Jesus. Did you do something to Jason?
I made ‘im shoot. Oh God, I made ‘im shoot.


I can’t believe I had to come pick you up like this. What ever happened to never wanting to speak to me again?

Fine. Don’t speak. I’m sure you’ll just say you were too fucked up again when you call me begging for forgiveness tomorrow.

Really? Nothing?
Oh don’t bother. I’m just going to take you home.
Don’t worry about me. Give me your phone.

There, I deleted my number. Don’t ever call me again.
No more of your late night booty calls at my apartment. You’re pathetic. Be a man.
But I…
Shut up or I’ll kick you out here. I never want to see you again.


3 thoughts on “Dialogues – Week 2

  1. Meg Harrison says:

    This dialogue is fascinating, and makes me insanely curious about the missing halves. Dialogue is something I am working on, but I am not really comfortable with, so bravo on three pieces that are solely dialogue. Awesome!

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